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At Southlands Nursery, things are always changing,
and not just with the seasons. We're constantly creating,
searching and bringing in new plants and exciting items
on a regular basis.

Get a sneak peak here or come visit us soon.

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Could it be that dreams do come true?
When artistic talent, sweat, business savvy and encyclopedic
plant knowledge are combined, it seems they do....

Southlands Nursery is a walk-in fantasy,
where beauty always comes before profit.

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Established in 1991, and located in a charming 'equestrian pocket' on Vancouver's upscale
westside, this unique area called Southlands is a horse friendly enclave right in the city.
Large lots and small acreages house many stables, and it is not unusual to see horses and their
riders go by our gates. With delicious free coffee always on hand, many people tell us that they
come down to the nursery just to experience the beautiful atmosphere.
We hope you will visit soon!

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According to all my grade school report cards, I never stop speaking!

Here is where I rant/ share/ proselytize about whatever I think is
beautiful/ interesting/ semi-important....

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At Southlands Nursery, things are always changing,
and not just with the seasons. We're constantly creating,
searching and bringing in new plants and exciting items
on a regular basis.

Get a sneak peak here or come visit us soon.

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Visiting Vancouver?
Want to order flowers?

Check out this very personal list of some of Thomas Hobbs favourite
Vancouver shops and restaurants you may not otherwise discover.

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Thomas Hobbs own hybrids (and other fabulous varieties) are available in
limited numbers. Hybridizing daylilies has become an absolute obsession....
using cutting edge parent plants from the world's top breeders.

Half the fun is in naming them!

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We will never be a fully online shopping nursery, but from time to time
we'll offer special plants or things.Thomas Hobbs own daylily introductions
will be available for Spring or Fall shipping.

We hope to offer other specialties,
such as own own Nerine hybrids, this way, also.

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The only thing I love more than gardening is sharing that passion with others.
I've had the pleasure of writing 2 books and have been featured in a number of professional
horticultural and gardening magazines. For the past 16 years I've also worked in television on
GlobalBC's Saturday morning news 'Gardening with Thomas Hobbs' segments. The nursery has
been featured on virtually every gardening show including 'The Victory Garden', 'Martha Stewart'
and 'Recreating Eden'. We were even home to 'The Orchid Nazi' on the hit TV show The X Files!

April 24, 2014

A few treasures of the day….

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027 Here (above) are a couple hardy orchids we have in right now . These  are Calanthe orchids, native to India and Japan. They are fragrant ! Chocolate cookies? Part shade is ideal, with good drainage. Over time they will form a small colony/clump and reach about 15″ in height. They are quite rare…. and sell  for about $50.00 each.

030 Martagon lilies are another ‘must have’ treasure plant. They are very cold hardy bulbs that do well in full sun or part shade. Most are now bred and raised in northern Manitoba !!!! We have several named selections for sale, including my two favourites: Claude Shride (shiny red) and Orange Marmalade (clear orange, no spots). When I moved a few years ago, I made sure I took my Martagons with me ! They are thriving out in Langley, under some giant fir trees. They get some sun , but also a filtered afternnoon shade. Lilium martagon and its many hybrid children have never been widely available. This is a rare chance to get some named varietires ….. already growing and showing flower buds. They are priced from $20.00-$35.00 per pot.

041Rhodohypoxsis are funny little bulbs from South Africa.  They are hardy in our area in a well-drained, gritty, sunny spot. They also do well in shallow clay pots. The entire plant is small, only 3″ x 3″ as shown here. It would be fun to collect as many forms as you could find, as they show lots of variation. The blooming season is quite long – eight to ten weeks. Each sells for $6.99.

038We are very well-stocked with succulents . You may have already discovered how much fun they are to create amazing and striking planters with. I find it best NOT to keep them dry. They are not cacti. Water keeps them plump and ‘succulent’.  They need excellent and fast drainage, so make sure there is a  drain hole in your container.  I feed them every two weeks with a solution of 20-20-20 mixed in the watering can.  Small examples like these sell for 3.99 each. Treat them as houseplants in the winter. Place in your brightest window.

045Anemone pulsatilla is a true harbinger of spring . It is the provincial flower of Manitoba . That means hardy ! I remember seeing them  as a child, growing wild in Bird’s Hill Park, near Winnipeg. There are red, white and mauve ones available. They need full sun and to be left alone.  Flowers fade and are followed by fantastic fuzzy seed heads! Big blooming plants in 1 gallon pots are $12.99.

042Wow !  My own daylilies are going national ! Here is ‘Sublime Lime‘ – a gorgeous near-white with a ruffled gold edge and lime green throat. It is super fragrant and  produces up to 85 flowers per stalk ! I kid you not. Each spike branches up to 6 times . I chose it out of  hundreds (thousands?) of my seedlings as my first intro. Also look for ‘Connie Casserole’ – an amazing dark gold one. In very limited release this year is ‘Pamela Erikson’ (named for my friend an B.C.’s  daylily Queen).  This is a stunning parchment/pale peach/near white with huge ruffled flowers. It will only be available through Erikson’s Daylilies in Langley in 2014. I only had about 50 divisions.

010 More beautiful Primula auricula have arrived. I am nuts about them . They are totally hardy and sell from  $3.99 to $9.99 each.  The nursery is soooo jammed with plants right now that we can’t fit them all on the tables. They are on the ground, under benches (not for long) and are hoping you scoop them up soon !



April 4, 2014

Primula auricula

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 Primula auricula has been cultivated and cherished for centuries ! In England, three hundred years ago, there were competitions and trophies just for this plant. It continues today ! There are hundreds of amazing named cultivars in Europe…. just a few over here . They are easy, hardy and do well in pots or at the front of a sunny border.  We have some blooming ones in stock now , priced from 4.00 to 10.00 each.


In the above photo, I planted three 4″ pots of Auricula ‘Gaudi’ together in a shallow pot with a good drain hole  drilled in it. Proper drainage is essential for these alpine natives. Spring has brought all kinds of choice plants back to the nursery for sale. The window of opportunity isn’t long…. soon the flood of annuals and bedding plants will be the focus of our suppliers and most of our visitors, so get here soon !