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At Southlands Nursery, things are always changing,
and not just with the seasons. We're constantly creating,
searching and bringing in new plants and exciting items
on a regular basis.

Get a sneak peak here or come visit us soon.

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Could it be that dreams do come true?
When artistic talent, sweat, business savvy and encyclopedic
plant knowledge are combined, it seems they do....

Southlands Nursery is a walk-in fantasy,
where beauty always comes before profit.

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Established in 1991, and located in a charming 'equestrian pocket' on Vancouver's upscale
westside, this unique area called Southlands is a horse friendly enclave right in the city.
Large lots and small acreages house many stables, and it is not unusual to see horses and their
riders go by our gates. With delicious free coffee always on hand, many people tell us that they
come down to the nursery just to experience the beautiful atmosphere.
We hope you will visit soon!

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According to all my grade school report cards, I never stop speaking!

Here is where I rant/ share/ proselytize about whatever I think is
beautiful/ interesting/ semi-important....

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At Southlands Nursery, things are always changing,
and not just with the seasons. We're constantly creating,
searching and bringing in new plants and exciting items
on a regular basis.

Get a sneak peak here or come visit us soon.

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Visiting Vancouver?
Want to order flowers?

Check out this very personal list of some of Thomas Hobbs favourite
Vancouver shops and restaurants you may not otherwise discover.

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Thomas Hobbs own hybrids (and other fabulous varieties) are available in
limited numbers. Hybridizing daylilies has become an absolute obsession....
using cutting edge parent plants from the world's top breeders.

Half the fun is in naming them!

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We will never be a fully online shopping nursery, but from time to time
we'll offer special plants or things.Thomas Hobbs own daylily introductions
will be available for Spring or Fall shipping.

We hope to offer other specialties,
such as own own Nerine hybrids, this way, also.

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The only thing I love more than gardening is sharing that passion with others.
I've had the pleasure of writing 2 books and have been featured in a number of professional
horticultural and gardening magazines. For the past 16 years I've also worked in television on
GlobalBC's Saturday morning news 'Gardening with Thomas Hobbs' segments. The nursery has
been featured on virtually every gardening show including 'The Victory Garden', 'Martha Stewart'
and 'Recreating Eden'. We were even home to 'The Orchid Nazi' on the hit TV show The X Files!

November 2, 2015

SALE TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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036November has just arrived and it is time to clear our field, to make room for our Christmas Trees !!  Yikes , I can hardly believe it !

All kinds of fresh, healthy plant material has to go . Gorgeous and rare hardy Scheffleras, Witch Hazels, Boxwood, Sarcococca and nearly anything else you’ve always wanted (even Daphne!) is now HALF PRICE .  Don’t delay – it will go fast. I wouldn’t wait til next year… our dollar is 30% lower than when we bought most of  this material – yikes. Sale started Nov. 2nd and will end Nov. 20th, 2015



October 18, 2015


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028 Some pumpkins are pretty scary  !  It is as if some evil witch cursed them with really bad skin ….. 

We have a freaky selection of  pumpkins to choose from , including giant ones that we can barely lift !


043DEVIL BABY says ‘I’m watching you….’ if you touch her tummy.

045‘Don’t touch my baby pumpkin planted with Wintergreen’ says DEVIL BABY

September 21, 2015

Suffering from Bulb Fatigue?

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Fall is here, again. The shelves are full of bulbs for planting right now, for Spring blooms. But, most of them bore me. I bet they bore you, too. For my own sanity, I have ordered some less-common and truly beautiful varieties to add to my own garden and yours !  #1 on this list has to be the adorable Narcissus called ‘Katie Heath’ . A short grower ( 12″), with large flowers that possess the most charming flesh pink stubby trumpet against a white perianth (petals). This tasteful combination of colours would look great planted with the soft,soft faded blue Muscari ‘Valerie Finnis‘ . 99.9% of ‘Grape Hyacinths (Muscari) are dark denim blue, but ‘Valerie Finnis’ is the one to get.  I planted just this  exact combo in random dapples under my 13 Weeping Silver Pear trees (Pyrus salicifolia ‘Pendula’) out at the farm.  They give the look of an olive grove, which was my intention. ( Olives are not hardy where I live. ) ‘Katie Heath‘ bulbs are $11.99 a dozen are are going to be a sell-out !N. Becky Heath 2Below:  Muscari ‘Valerie Finnis’ is a very hardy, easy little bulb for those suffering from bulb fatigue !Muscari Valerie Finnis  Another treasure this year is a species tulip, Tulipa humilis alba coreulea oculata . I am going to grow these tiny bulbs in a clay pot, to keep my eye on them. The cobalt blue stain on the base of each white petal is unlike any other tulip ! Judging by the size of the bulbs, I expect a miniature tulip .  Three tiny bulbs sell for $8.99 , so you know you won’t be seeing this tulip at the gas station!t.alba

ALlliums are a pretty kooky group in general, but now they are getting to be ‘old hat’ as well. For this season, I found  two new giant purple ones: ‘AMBASSADOR‘, and ‘BEAU REGARD’.Large purple heads of Ambassador giant ornamental onion (Allium 'Ambassador') ABOVE :    Allium ‘AMBASSADOR’ has 8″ + flowerheads that last for months.

Allium Beau RegardALLIUM ‘BEAU REGARD’ 8”  flowerheads are soft purple.

August 9, 2015

Enamelware for summer living

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enamel 3  We have a nice selection of extremely affordable ‘retro’ enamelware in stock for summer camping or outdoor entertaining ! It has been updated… from the dark blue and white spotted/splatters of yesteryear, to a hip soft aqua shade. Go ahead and bang it up, chips only add to the look of the baked enamel finish. Cups are $2.95 !  4 sizes of plates are  $2.95, $4.00, $5.00 and $10.00 for the very largest. ! Coffee pots are $25.00, huge salad bowls are $25.00, covered sugar/tea/coffee container is $20.00 , etc.  This could be a unique and fun wedding gift idea for a young groovy couple !enamel 1


July 31, 2015

Invest in Garden Antiques !

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More gorgeous items have arrived since my last posting of garden antiques for sale at the nursery. Actually, most of the earlier pieces I showed here are now gone ! To my amazement, we have had to ship large amounts to tasteful clients in Calgary, Winnipeg and Los Angeles . These people know that these unique pieces are unique and once they go, they are gone forever.  Here is a smattering of our newest arrivals ….antique bench - new ironThis is one of the nicest benches yet. It was made in Arras, France and bears the signature curved iron slats and paw-like feet of that region’s famous garden furniture. It measure 60″ x 32″ x 21″D and is $1800.00 Canadian dollars.antique french fountain Here is a ‘faux bois’ water fountain , also from France .  it is plumbed to be permanently hooked up to water, somehow….. but could be reworked to use a recirculating pump. It is made of cement, and measures about 3′ tall. It is $1500.00

antique tin urnI love this very rare  old tin urn. It is American, with a beautiful verdi gris finish . Quite lightweight. I wouldn’t plant right in it, but use a tub or liner inside to prevent splitting. It is 40″ H x 28″ D and is $1950.00    .  Remember :  the Canadian dollar has fallen more than 25% this year…… try going ‘shopping’ !

antique green fountain boyThis 1930′s American glazed boy fountain was destined for my own greenhouse…. but I changed my plans. He is 29″ high and presently spouting away inside our big greenhouse at the nursery.$1400.00

antique stone urnThis urn is solid, hand carved marble . It is French,19thC, and measures 20″ x 16″ H.  I wish there was a pair …. but there is not.  $1400.00

antique faux bois planterI really don’t want to sell this – hopefully it will just  sit here for years…..planted now with ferns.  It is a very large faux bois  cement planter from France. Measuring 38″ x 14″ x 14″, it will only get more beautiful with age .$1850.00

antique stone puttiCan you tell which of these ‘Putti’ is hand carved stone, from Vicenza, Italy ? The other one is cast cement, more than 50 years old, and from England. One costs $2500.00 and one costs $1200.00….

More to come !  But drop by and drool soon.

July 29, 2015

MINI HOSTAS – tots in pots !

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mini hosta 2I have fallen for these tiny treasures, and we have a terrific selection of them in now , late summer. They only ask for water – not much – in their 4″ pots.  Very cold hardy perennials for a shady spot on a table or balcony. Shown here is Hosta ‘Lucky Mouse’, a sport of ‘Blue Mouse Ears’.  I put a $5.00 bill beside it to show how tiny a fairly mature plant is . Other varieties we stock include ‘Harkaway’s Mini Gold’, ‘Tiny Dancer’ and ‘English Teeth’.

May 6, 2015

Planting time is NOW !

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032We are absolutely jammed with annuals  (and everything else) , ready for MOTHER’S DAY weekend !  The weather is still crazy, but it is OK to plant everything except Basil outside. Cautious gardeners may prefer to wait to plant Coleus, Begonias and Tomatoes….. but I personally feel it is now safe in the greater Vancouver area.  I have propagated many of my own dahlia collection, and we have husky 1 gal. pots of ‘CAFE AU LAIT’ – the amazing parchment/tan dahlia to sell. This is the hottest dahlia on the planet. Look at the picture below :cafe au lait

Succulents continue to be a big craze. Get them early, as the selection will not get any better than it is right now ….



And , we have really expanded our selection of FERMOB , French patio furniture ! This is very well-made, highest quality casual garden furniture that comes in fabulous colours .


March 6, 2015

We are READY !!!

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Our benches are filling up with all new plants for Spring 2015 ! With such a head start to the planting season, the plants are waiting for new homes right now! This picture  (below) shows a range of Euphorbias, Sedges and Grasses, all of which will be fine if it does become cooler….DSCN1240Our selection of Hebes is fantastic !  These little shrubs are terrific in creative pot planting/combinations. Some are hardy, some are sometimes hardy and some are ‘annuals’…

DSCN1241Early vegetables are also in stock ! They have been ‘hardened off’ and can be planted out in the Vancouver area.

DSCN1253Hedging ? We sell YEWS, but not  Cedars. Why?? Yews are  a very dark green, clip very well, and genetically are not 100’ trees ! Of all the YEWS, ‘H.M. Eddie’ is our favourite. This selection produces NO BERRIES, and is therefore much cleaner in the garden. It is stiffly upright, tight growing (not floppy) and clips well. Also, H.M. Eddie was a legendary Vancouver nurseryman who operated just down Marine Drive, and was famous all over the world for his own rose introductions and the Dogwood hybrid he created, ‘Eddie’s White Wonder’.DSCN1248

So many things to write about…. look at these DOUBLE PRIMROSES ! They look like African Violets !  They would prefer to be out of the rain, but love the cool weather otherwise. They are also perennial, and only $3.99 eachDSCN1259

February 7, 2015

Daphne time !

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                  We love Daphnes of all types, and are they ever getting hard to find ! They are not fast growers, so commercially the big growers find them unprofitable. They are also difficult to grow from cuttings. The scent of Daphne is unequalled. You may notice it in your neighbourhood, and follow the fragrance until you find the little shrub giving it off. They are an investment – it will take a few years to ‘deliver’ , but when it does you will never want to move away from the garden that has your treasured Daphne. They grow in sun or shade , I know from personal experience .  They do not like to be moved -  dig one up, and it will die. I know that, too. But, transplanting a container-grown  Daphne is usually successful. They love our local (Vancouver) soil and climate. We have, in stock now: Daphne tanguitica. This species is totally evergreen, hardy, and slowly forms a 3′ x 3′ mound in bright light. a bit larger in part shade. The flowers are pinky-mauve and sweetly fragrant.  $24.99 in a one gallon pot, some with flower buds .  We also have plants of Daphne mezereum ‘Alba’ . This is a twiggy, deciduous shrub with stiff branches covered in pure white flowers in February. It grows well in part shade or full sun, and doesn’t mind dryish soil. It has a sweet perfume, and may reach 4′ over many years. $24.99  for well-established , fairly large plants in a one gallon pot.

                                                                                  TOP: Daphne mezereum ‘Alba’   BOTTOM : Daphne tanguiticaDaphne mez.Daphne tanguitica

December 12, 2014

Whad’ya do with unsold ornaments?

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010  With Christmas fast approaching, I couldn’t help notice that my favourite ornaments this year were the least popular (go figure!) and not selling. I loved these large purple cabbages !  I could see them on a tree with magenta lights….oh well.   So, I thought I would make a demonstration centrepiece with them and a few of their beet friends. I chose a very low birch bark dish, wired on a partial piece of OASIS foam and began wiring on my veggies.  I uses very thin florist wire and also a glue gun. I included some nice pine cones, and hid all my sins (wires) with green lichen moss. The whole thing took about half an hour. I like it so much that I am going to use it on my own holiday table this year !


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