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According to all my grade school report cards, I never stop speaking!

Here is where I rant/ share/ proselytize about whatever I think is
beautiful/ interesting/ semi-important....

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Could it be that dreams do come true?
When artistic talent, sweat, business savvy and encyclopedic
plant knowledge are combined, it seems they do....

Southlands Nursery is a walk-in fantasy,
where beauty always comes before profit.

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Established in 1991, and located in a charming 'equestrian pocket' on Vancouver's upscale
westside, this unique area called Southlands is a horse friendly enclave right in the city.
Large lots and small acreages house many stables, and it is not unusual to see horses and their
riders go by our gates. With delicious free coffee always on hand, many people tell us that they
come down to the nursery just to experience the beautiful atmosphere.
We hope you will visit soon!

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According to all my grade school report cards, I never stop speaking!

Here is where I rant/ share/ proselytize about whatever I think is
beautiful/ interesting/ semi-important....

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At Southlands Nursery, things are always changing,
and not just with the seasons. We're constantly creating,
searching and bringing in new plants and exciting items
on a regular basis.

Get a sneak peak here or come visit us soon.

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Visiting Vancouver?
Want to order flowers?

Check out this very personal list of some of Thomas Hobbs favourite
Vancouver shops and restaurants you may not otherwise discover.

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Thomas Hobbs own hybrids (and other fabulous varieties) are available in
limited numbers. Hybridizing daylilies has become an absolute obsession....
using cutting edge parent plants from the world's top breeders.

Half the fun is in naming them!

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We will never be a fully online shopping nursery, but from time to time
we'll offer special plants or things.Thomas Hobbs own daylily introductions
will be available for Spring or Fall shipping.

We hope to offer other specialties,
such as own own Nerine hybrids, this way, also.

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The only thing I love more than gardening is sharing that passion with others.
I've had the pleasure of writing 2 books and have been featured in a number of professional
horticultural and gardening magazines. For the past 16 years I've also worked in television on
GlobalBC's Saturday morning news 'Gardening with Thomas Hobbs' segments. The nursery has
been featured on virtually every gardening show including 'The Victory Garden', 'Martha Stewart'
and 'Recreating Eden'. We were even home to 'The Orchid Nazi' on the hit TV show The X Files!

October 29, 2011

‘Corona’ The wonder Dog

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I have mentioned our wonderful adopted dog ‘Corona’ before. He is an incredible being, and has opened a whole new portal for me and many others who meet him…..
I sometimes call him ‘Gandhi’, as he has amazingly kind eyes that stare, without blinking, and answer silent questions. He is very communicative (especially in the morning) with ‘whale music’ – endless moans and purrs . I speak, he speaks. I rub his belly, he presses quite firmly on my leg with a paw,making a’connection’ for sure.
Corona had a very unhappy life for his first five or six years. He was locked in a windowless ‘Grow-Op’ for years, with a ‘Pitbull’ that terrorized him. He was handed around Langley from boyfriend to girlfriend to boyfriend and through a set of very negative experiences, ended up with us.
This happy ending has two sides to it as well. When I write my next book, I will tell the whole story…. including the obese bed-bound prostitutes, friendly bikers and the RCMP !


October 8, 2011

Nerine Time is back !

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Every autumn, I look forward to the flowering of my Nerines. These bulbs are originally  from South Africa, and they don’t seem to realize that their ‘Spring’ is our ‘Fall’ . Oh well.
I grow all of them in pots . They love being crowded in clay pots and allowed to bake in the sun all summer. I water them only rarely, if at all. Cool nights in September initiate flower stalks, and the show begins.
The easiest Nerine to acquire is the fairly winter hardy pink Nerine, N. bowdenii. In the Vancouver area, you can plant it and not worry about hardiness. It increases rapidly in a sunny spot.  Good nurseries offer  a pure white form (as a bulb) in the springtime. Even better nurseries also offer a dark vermillion red Nerine at that time also. Try to find these three basic Nerines, and start hybridizing them. I have been doing this for about ten years now, and am getting gorgeous new (to me) colours in my seedlings. Hybridizing is super easy. You just pull off a stamen (the dusty yellow pollen is on the end of each one) and dabble some of the pollen on the central stem of the flower, the pistil. There is only one pistil so you can’t go wrong. It has a sticky, glistening surface.  Soon, little green seeds will form behing the withered flower. Interestingly, these seeds are not inside a fruit or seed pod. They are just ripening like little grapes.  When they look ripe (green, but the original flower stem is now yellow and looking dead), pick the seeds and plant them in a small pot or tray and don’t bury them. They sprout right away in a bright window or greenhouse.  Grow them on like any plant….but bring inside each autumn so they don’t freeze. In about four years they bloom and you will be amazed at the variety and differences you get in each seedling. I sprinkle some slow-release 14-14-14 fertilizer pellets on the top of each pot when the leafy growth starts (around April) and let nature take care of them outside in a sunny place. The last photo, in the second row across,  is of seedlings that are three years old. This coming summer they will start to grow faster and produce their first flower stalks in a year or two from now.  Worth the wait for sure !